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05.10.2013 · Posted in ShaynaCat Chat

I’ve been meowing at Mom for ages to let me have my own domain name, and finally she got around to organizing it for me. I’m really excited about it – it’s great fun checking out templates and playing with widgets!

My plan is to blog regularly, mainly on things to do with anipals, but also a bit about human stuff, as well – I know humans are a weird species, but their thumbs and credit cards are very useful to us, and they’re great as cushions, too, so it’s pretty much up to us to keep them healthy, happy and in good enough shape to do our bidding, right?

Oh, and of course as a DJ I’ll be posting music links – I love to dance, so you can bet they’ll have some energy about them!

There’s still a lot to do before the blog is ready for official launch, but if you want to stop by in the meantime and see just how it’s getting on you’ll be most welcome – there are always treats and fresh-made coffee close at paw… :-)




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