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Privacy Policy

  1. This site takes your privacy very seriously, and will never ask you for any more information than is needed to supply something you’ve ordered, eg your e-mail address to supply you with a newsletter;
  2. If you buy a product from this site, you will do so through a secure server which will guard your details carefully and this site will have no access to them whatsoever;
  3. This site will not in any circumstances ask you for your date of birth, or family or income information – if you ever receive an e-mail claiming to come from this site which asks you for such information, you can be certain it’s a forgery!; and
  4. In no circumstances will this site use any information you provide for any purpose that you haven’t authorized, or sell, rent or share your information to any third party. Disclosure will only ever be made in the unlikely event that a law enforcement agency produces legal authority to demand it.

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