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Perfect Anipal Wedding

Berfore the bells ring out: Perfect Anipal Wedding

Berfore the bells ring out: Perfect Anipal Wedding

As a DJ and member of the Anipal Wedding Planners I DJ a lot of weddings, and it’s a lovely feeling to be a part of celebrating the beginning of a new relationship for the anipals concerned, and hopefully cementing a good friendship between their humans, too.

Unfortunately, though, just as happens off-line, not every marriage works out, and some that start off with a lovely weeding end in an acrimonious divorce. Also just as happens off-line, this often leads to strain on other relationships as friends of the couple feel obliged to take sides and pals stop speaking to each other.

No matter how hard anyone might try to make a split-up amicable, divorce is a painful thing, and the damage to feelings, trust and self-esteem can take a long, long time to heal.

That’s why I’ve put together a guide for anipals who are contemplating getting married. It’s free, and designed to encourage pals to think about the quality of their (and their humans’) relationship before they take the step.

It doesn’t take long to work through – the answers to the questions it asks you to think about should be immediately obvious to you. It’s not a test – it’s just to help you decide whether you and your partner are ready to make a commitment.

So if you’re looking to have a happy marriage as well as a romantic wedding, do please download Perfect Anipal Wedding, and make sure your bridegroom or bride-to-be downloads it, too!


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