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How To Have The Perfect Anipal Wedding

As a DJ and Entertainment Manager of Anipal Wedding Planners I get to be at a lot of anipal weddings, and I know how much work goes on to give the bride and groom and all their family and friends a perfect day. This book does more than tell you how to do that, though – it offers you a way to check that you and your partner are both right for each other and ready for marriage.

A Simple System To Achieve Your Goals

As some of you may know, when she isn’t typing for me my Mom runs a personal development business helping people to achieve their dreams. Well. Anipals have dreams, too, and anipals have humans who have dreams – so, now that I have a website and domain name of my own I’ve meowed her into agreeing to let me offer stuff to my pals and their humans, too!

I haven’t got it all set up yet, but I do have a free book for you – the original was written by Paul Myers, and this edition is produced with his permission. Download, enjoy… and go for your dreams!

Coming soon: How To Throw The Perfect Pawty


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