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@ShaynaCat at Catsablanca

Hi! I’m @ShaynaCat from Twitter, and if you’ve ever heard me DJ you know I love upbeat music that has energy and drive. I don’t care when it comes from, or which genre label people stick on it – if it makes me want to dance, I’ll play it!

In fact, I’m into pretty much anything that gives me or my human Mom energy and drive – health foods, vitamins, exercise (hey, who says kitties don’t like exercise? I love to send Mom out for a kong walk and check her pedometer when she gets back to see how many miles she’s done – we need to keep our human staff in shape, right?), stress-busting, self-esteem stuff – things that fill us full of zest and joyous energy.

You see, I believe life’s given to us to enjoy, to help whatever way we can, and to use the creativity we all have deep inside us to enrich the lives of others – and, through doing that, our own.

So, as well as sharing my daily life with you, I’ll have a few resources you might like – some for you, and others for your humans. I’ve meowed Mom into offering a special discount for my friends on the personal development products that she makes and sells, and recommending some from other people that she’s used herself and can personally vouch for. Don’t worry – I’m not going to meow a lot about them, but if they’d benefit your humans this is where to get them.

*giggles* OK, that’s the end of the commercial – back to the fun stuff!

As a DJ I’ve always wanted my own Radio Station, and now that I have my own site and domain name I’m determined that I’m going to have one! Right now that amounts to one hour of  broadcasting each week (hey, every station has to start somewhere, right? :D), and I’m going to use that hour to play you music that I hope will make you dance, sing along, clap your hands, stomp your feet, or anythjng you wsnt to do, as long as it just makes you MOVE!

Oh, and you might want to put your headphones on, ‘cos some of it may be – well, slightly loud…

I’ll be broadcasting live on my Shayna Radio page on Facebook, and simultaneously on Twitter using the hashtag #ShaynaRadio, and if the time doesn’t wotk for you don’t worry – I’ll repeat the show a couple days later right here on the website.

If you have a request for a band or artist, song or dedication, or there’s a genre you would like to suggest, there’ll be a contact box that you can use, or if you prefer you can leave a comment on the site. If the music fits the station ethos (upbeat, with words that aren’t likely to offend) and it’s available (for copyright reasons, not all songs are), I’ll do my best to play it for you.

Showtime is Monday night at 7pm in Eastern USA (midnight in UK), so kick off your shoes, let down your fur, and let it rock!!

If you want to contact me you can follow me on Twitter (I almost always follow back!), Like my page on Facebook, add me to a circle on Google+, or, of course, leave a comment somewhere on the site.

Oh, and do please sign up to subscribe to my blog – it would really make my day :-)

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